How to Use Nice Ice

Ice is one of my favorite things to use on clients in the studio, but I’ve been trying to up the ante and create something even more effective and longer lasting. Enter: Nice Ice, cryo toner pods that combine the power of cryotherapy with some of the best skincare ingredients out there. Packed with niacinamide, glycerin, green tea extract, and more, Nice Ice pods instantly get to work on your skin to help calm inflammation and leave a nice, healthy glow. 

Now that you know what it is, let's talk about how to use it. I leave my Nice Ice in the freezer for a variety of uses: weekly toning, calming down breakouts, or anytime I’m having my photo taken to give my skin a little oomph. I also love using it after a treatment like lasers or injections to calm things down and help my skin feel good again.

Nice Ice combines the best of cryo therapy and skincare to help reduce redness and inflammation when your skin is breaking out. Just pop a pod out of the freezer and apply to clean skin and let the healing begin.

Laser treatments and injections often mean skin gets irritated before it gets better. Nice Ice features green tea extract and ashwagandha to calm skin, while niacinimide helps moisturize and brighten.

Nice Ice feels great, and looks even better. Apply after washing your face and before applying makeup for a smoother canvas and brighter glow overall.

Nice Ice is even better IRL. Shop the full size here, or try a mini trial here.

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