How Sofie Pavitt Became “The Acne Whisperer”

I’ve always seen acne care as a vital part of skincare. But working as an esthetician in my own skincare studio and in a dermatologist’s office, I started noticing something strange. The acne and blemish-prone clients would often come to the dermatology clinic for prescription topicals or treatments, but they never came in for facials or did much home care. 

So I started investigating with my clients to see if I could find the root of their blemishes. What products were they using? What vitamins were they taking? What kind of foods were they eating or avoiding? Eventually, I found that simple targeted skincare, slight dietary tweaks, and true dedication were the keys to clearing my clients’ skin. I started helping more and clients clear their skin in the studio and at home. 

Eventually, we formalized it in the studio with our official “Sofie Pavitt Acne Program,” a 360 approach that helps you find the root of your skin concerns, help clear skin, and keep it clear, bright, and smooth. I love seeing people’s confidence grow as they clear their skin and I want to help empower you to clear your skin at home, too.

Stay tuned for more simple, effective products, and skin tips — I promise, they’re coming soon. 

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