The Non-Comedogenic Ingredient Checker

Is your skincare ruining your skin? Not to scare you, but… it might be. Oftentimes, clients come into my studio complaining of breakouts but can’t figure out the cause. I go through a checklist of potential culprits: laundry detergents, inflammatory foods, medications, you name it. But many times, the problem is in the very product they’re using to clear it up. 

Comedogenic ingredients are hiding in everything, from shampoos to skincare. And as much as we’d like to, very few of us have time to read through all the fine print on the back of each and every bottle in our home. 

Lucky for you, I have time. Well, a tool that helps make time. I call it the Non-Comedogenic Ingredient Checker and you can find it here, or at the bottom of every product page. To use it, just look up a product in your routine online. Copy and paste the ingredients into the Checker, and hit “Analyze.” For better or worse, you’ll find out in an instant if certain ingredients are likely to clog your pores.

Better safe than sorry when it comes to skincare. And with my new little Checker, you can rest assured you’re being safe.

Find it at the bottom of any product page. Like this one. Or this one.

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