How to De Clog Your Home for Better Skin

I have something I call “The Acne Program” at the skincare studio, which describes a lot of things you might expect (customized routines, instructions for at home care, product recommendations, etc.), but my clients are often surprised to see non-skincare tips as well. Clients can do everything right on the skincare front, but might still find themselves struggling with breakouts, so it’s really important to examine your lifestyle as well. This is where a good home cleanout comes in. 


I often suggest starting with your laundry. What detergent are you using? Are you using fabric sheets? Are you washing your pillowcases enough? As a general rule of thumb, skip scented detergent altogether. It can irritate skin and clog pores, especially when used on sensitive items like pillowcases and towels. The same goes for fabric softener — it leaves a waxy residue on your fabrics that directly clog pores. 


If you frequently break out around your mouth, your lipcare could be to blame. Take a look at your lip balm and toothpaste ingredients by entering them into our Non-Comedogenic Ingredient Checker for a start at what might be to blame. Then, swap out your lip balm for Vaseline or Aquaphor and look for a toothpaste without SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) instead. 


I don’t know who needs to hear this, but sun exposure does not cure acne! Whoever started that rumor is on my naughty list from now on. The sun’s damaging effects can damage your skin follicles, exacerbate dark spots, and cause skin cancer and premature aging. So, trust me on this one: always wear sunscreen — even in the rain. 


Finally, investigate your water source. Water can be your skin’s best friend or worst enemy. There is some evidence that water softeners can lead to acne, while some swimming pool disinfectants cause skin issues, too. I always tell my clients to apply a thin layer of Vaseline to their face before swimming to protect their skin. Sounds weird, but truly works. 

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