Meet Nice Ice

Cryotherapy has been used for centuries to increase general wellbeing and decrease the causes of bad health, like inflammation and stress. But the benefits of ice can extend to your skin, too. That’s why we’re taking the treatment out of the studio and into your freezer by way of skincare-packed frozen toners we call Nice Ice. Want to learn more? Dive — or shall we say plunge? — in below.


Frozen toner pods that combine the benefits of cryotherapy with power-packed skincare ingredients. Formulated with glycerin, niacinamide, green tea extract, and ashwagandha.


Nice Ice harnesses the power of cryotherapy to decrease inflammation, increase circulation, and revive tired skin to reveal a healthy glow. 


In short: whenever you like. Nice Ice is formulated for customizable usage, including on breakouts to calm inflammation, after laser or injectables to reduce swelling, before makeup for a night out, and to soothe skin the morning after. Use it daily, weekly, or as needed. Nice Ice will always have your back (er, front).

Want to see how Sofie uses Nice Ice? Take a look here, and shop it for yourself here.

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